18 November, 2011


i just realized i haven't blogged in a while, would you look at that.

08 October, 2011

fall in bemidji

i love the fall, we get to go to bemidji and winterize the "ponderosa" - one of my favorite things!

07 October, 2011


october? 80's? humid? DUST STORM??? wtf?!?!?! where are we, mars?


06 October, 2011

huh, ludwig works too

i'm at work and struggling with logging, regular expressions, and exception handling in java programs. i thought of jumpstarting my brain by listening to some beethoven (i've always been a bigger fan of him over amadeus) and am amazed at how everything seems to makes so much more sense!

true, it may be due in part to draining out my co-workers to aid in focusing but, instead, i'm going to sing the praises of beethoven.

freude, schoener goetterfunken!

04 October, 2011

pocket play

got a pocket-sized copy of the US constitution from the ACLU in the mail today... i wonder what neo-con GOP friend(s) i should lend it to?

oh hell, who am i kidding... they don't need a copy, they all have it memorized already.

25 September, 2011

my favorite text of the day

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy anniversary to you both--
Happy birthday to just you!